MIDI Program Change Monitor

Does your MIDI controller keyboard send program change messages but lacks a numeric display showing the program number sent? If you use that controller to switch sounds during a live performance, you would certainly like to know what program you have selected. But without a display, you might be out of luck. Here's the solution: Use your iPhone or iPad as your display. This app makes it possible. It listens for the program change message sent by your keyboard and shows the value when received. Supports split screen and slide over view on newer iPad models

Available for iPad and iPhone

Smart Pedal

Smart Pedal is a comprehensive tool for MIDI applications that utilize footswitch controllers. By remapping the MIDI messages sent by a footswitch controller, it can turn the device in to a "smart pedal" which can perform up to three independent actions. These actions are selected by a short tap, long tap, or double tap of the footswitch. Use a single footswitch to toggle three stompbox effects on a virtual guitar effects app. Or use it to control a song lyrics/chord chart display app. Control scroll up and scroll down functions with a single footswitch. Use a momentary type footswitch such as keyboard sustain pedal to control latching functions such as effects on/off. Use the ramping feature to use a footswitch to perform an expression pedal function such as volume or filter cutoff (wah-wah).

There's much more that Smart Pedal can do. It supports multiple footswitch devices with actions independently assignable. Actions include playing notes or chords on your preferred virtual instrument app or MIDI sound module. Smart Pedal includes a library of standard chords or custom chords can be specified with the integrated virtual piano keyboard. Other actions include sending program change and bank select messages. Use a footswitch to select a specific preset or patch or use it to step through all 128 programs.

Smart Pedal supports footswitch controllers connected to the iOS device via the camera connection kit, USB to lightning adapter or MIDI interface. It also works with bluetooth devices such as iRig Blueboard when used in conjunction with the controller's bluetooth to MIDI app. Finally, a unique feature of Smart Pedal is the ability to utilize a 1/4" instrument-level input on an audio interface as a footswitch input.

Available for iPad and iPhone.